Your main challenges

Your challenges are multiple : respect of rates and goals, incident resolution, goods produced quality monitoring, team building, etc. Your everyday life is punctuated by challenges and your teams’ « SOS signals ».

Performance visibility and monitoring

management visuel digital

Performance monitoring

Lean manufacturing brings various tools to monitor performance & quality. With digital practices, new improvements can be realized.

  • Live KPI wallboards
  • Andon system for shopfloor alerts
  • Advance/delay visibility
  • QHSE indicators

Team management & continuous improvement

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Short Interval Management (SIM)

Better performance is naturally link by a change in management practice. New ways of working include collaborative & digital practices on the shopfloor.

  • Wallboards dedicated to short-interval management
  • Visibility on incidents & priorities
  • Action plans monitoring
  • KPI analytics on  SQCD

Make information visible on the shopfloor

In order to achieve operational excellence and industrial performance, visual management can help you meet these challenges!

From transformation to process standardization, wallboards bring visibility to boost your employees.

management visuel industrie

4.0 Industry

Is your organization entering into a project to transform into industry 4.0 and wants to become a showcase in its market?

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animation rituels

Visual Management of Performance

Manage your teams around digital boards that will facilitate escalation and global vision of incidents and action plans!

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"Data Driven" monitoring

The transparency and dynamic display of business information is becoming a real expectation of employees.

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Manufacturing live wallboards

PingView is a visual management solution dedicated to operational excellence. Display your key information in real time by connecting your screens to your business solutions. Customize your wallboards with the several widgets available.

Business tools



Media & files

Collaborative tools

O365 & Google

White paper

New technologies offer industry the opportunity to reposition human beings at the center of the production process. How? By giving operators the opportunity to take operational decisions at the right time, by giving managers the tools to build close relationships with their teams, but also by giving strategic direction to the production operators’ jobs. 

Some wallboards for the production

Discover our custom wallboards according to specific needs and issues.

Gemba SIM Board

The Gembaboard allows to report incidents by the operators in industry. At a glance, we can then see the number of incidents reported over the 30 day rolling.

Production monitoring

This wallboard provides a synthetic view of a set of production lines.

KPI & Andon Board

This wallboard gives a view of the entire production on different stations with a notion of remaining time.

Collaborative (Obeya)

This collaborative wallboard allows teams to have a simplified view on the calendar, tops & flops, everyone’s actions, vacations, etc.

OKR method

The “OKR” wallboard is ideal for displaying company and team indicators, defined according to the OKR (Objective & Key-results) method.

Production monitoring

An adaptable shop floor management wallboard to light up your production data on displays directly on the shop floor and organize the communication of your data even more efficiently.

OKR visualization

This wallboard allows you to highlight relevant indicators in the context of companies committed to the “data driven” culture.

QSE communication

This type of wallboard makes it easy to visualize accidents and their types, while passing important instructions.

Warehouse load visibility

Just-in-time in warehouse logistics only processes that can be mapped and measured can be developed and optimized for specific goals to run smoothly, effectively, and reliably. 

They trust us

Discover our client success stories and their use cases.

FM Logistic

How to have custom dashboards for each activity, updated in real time and displayed to employees?

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Current by GE

How to digitize operators’ incident reports and allow managers to have a synthetic view of the current month?

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How to connect and digitize my system?

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How to digitize your tools?

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How to gain visibility in real time?

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How to implement a connected system?

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Chantiers de l’Atlantique

How to improve your production?

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Caisse d’épargne

How to improve our production?

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How to digitize its manufacturing chain?

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