Short Interval Animations + digital visual management: what are the benefits?

Regular, short and action-oriented, AIC rituals are one of the pillars of lean management. Traditionally conducted on “paper” panels, they have a lot to gain by going digital.

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La bonne information : une vision claire des enjeux

En allant collecter en temps réel les données de vos systèmes d’information, une solution de management visuel digital permet d’afficher vos indicateurs de performance (KPI) sous une forme visuelle claire, immédiatement actionnable, et constamment à jour. Lors de vos animations à intervalles courts, vos équipes bénéficient d’une vision limpide des enjeux du moment et du rôle et des responsabilités de chacun !

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Les bonnes décisions : une résolution agile des problèmes

Le principe fondamental de l’AIC, c’est d’examiner ce qui s’est produit lors de l’intervalle de production précédent pour trouver les pistes de résolution à mettre en place dès le suivant. 

Le management visuel permet de rendre visibles les incidents et les évolutions des indicateurs de Sécurité, Qualité, Coût, Délai et Personnel (SQCDP), et de favoriser la communication et la coordination des équipes. Résultat ? Elles passent à l’action et les résolvent immédiatement, ou les “escaladent” rapidement au niveau hiérarchique supérieur.

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La bonne direction : une amélioration continue des processus

Chaque rituel d’animation à intervalles courts représente une occasion de perfectionner vos processus, et surtout de rendre vos collaborateurs acteurs de chaque amélioration des performances. Avec une solution de management visuel digital, vous élaborez en un clic les plans d’actions pour viser l’excellence opérationnelle et mesurez en continu vos avancées.

Pingflow's visual management solution: key features to boost your AICs

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Connectivity: your data sources collected automatically

Business applications, internal databases and files, collaborative tools, machine data… Pingflow helps you connect and format the data sources that deliver the right information, in real time and without having to search, export, copy… to prepare your AIC rituals.

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Customization: 100% à la carte AIC screens

Your challenges, your performance indicators, your processes, your display rules. Unlike a standardized solution, Pingflow’s wallboard designer is 100% adapted to your short-interval animation needs. And it lets you switch from a “KPI” view to an “action plan” view, kanban view, to-do view… in just one click.

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Multicasting: wallboards that can be adapted and displayed wherever your teams meet

Several zones to animate? Short-interval rituals at different hierarchical levels and tempos? No problem: with a template customized to your needs, Pingflow lets you create multiple variations, with distinct display points: large touch screens in meeting rooms, dashboards on computers for teleworking participants…

Discover our solution

With Pingflow, digitalize your AIC rituals in 4 steps

With Pingflow, you gain access to a digital visual management technology platform designed for industry. But that’s not all: because each production unit has its own specific features and challenges, we’ll help you design the wallboard that best suits your project and your teams’ needs.


Explore and frame

For us, a successful visual management project must be adapted to your context, and not “tack on” a ready-made solution. That’s why we start by setting up a working group with your teams to identify your needs and objectives, your current processes, and the specific challenges of your short-interval animation rituals.


Imagining and prototyping

Functional analysis, first wireframe, then prototype in your own style: this 2nd step enables you to adjust your users’ feedback in an agile way, until you obtain the ideal visual rendering for your future AICs.


Connect and integrate

Business applications, ERP, databases and files… We then connect your wallboards to your data sources, so that you can use them independently during your short-interval animations.


Launch, train, optimize

The final step: your AIC, QRQC or SQCDP wallboards are now in the hands of your teams, and your key users are trained in the administration of our platform. Our teams maintain your visual management system, and are ready to implement future developments.

Which wallboard for your AIC rituals? Get inspired with our models

SQCDP, QRQC, TOP 5, TOP 15, TOP 30… Discover our library of examples of wallboards (digital visual management panels) dedicated to short interval animation rituals to adapt them to your challenges.

Short Interval Management

This type of wallboard allows you to animate your performance rituals thanks to a global and specific view.

Warehouse load visibility

Just-in-time in warehouse logisticss only processes that can be mapped and measured can be developed and optimized for specific goals to run smoothly, effectively, and reliably.

OKR visualization

This wallboard allows you to highlight relevant indicators in the context of companies committed to the “data driven” culture.

They believe in us

With Pingflow, our customers achieve their objectives! They optimize the preparation, animation and productivity of their AIC rituals, and systematize their continuous improvement approach. Here’s what they have to say!

Boost exchanges between managers and operators

AIC rituals (TOP 5, TOP 30) digitized in 3 months!

AIC wallboards co-constructed with field operators

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