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As logistics manager, you are looking for solutions to save time and increase efficiency in order to ensure your shipment times.

Resources management

management visuel logistique

Activity visibility

By visual management, get an overall view of the warehouse ongoing activity.

  • Monitoring of logistics indicators
  • Allocation of resources
  • Management rituals
  • Quality and client service measurement

Rate monitoring

suivi activité logistique


The management and digital tools evolution bring new uses that will reduce the consumption of paper!

  • State of preparations
  • Shipment tracking
  • Connection to your tools (WMS, ERP, spreadsheets)
  • Dynamic display

…and your logistics challenges

Display information on the overall logistics readiness of orders or shipments in a targeted way to your teams.

enjeux logistiques

4.0 industry

 Is your organization moving into a 4.0 transformation project?

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management visuel logistique

Visual Management of Performance

Manage your teams around digital boards that will facilitate reporting and overall vision of incidents and action plans!

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solution management visuel

“Data Driven” Communication

Transparency and dynamic display of logistics information becomes a real expectation of team-workers

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The solution: tailor made logistic wallboards

Pingview is a visual management solution dedicated to operational excellence. Display your key information in real time by connecting your screens to your business solutions. Customize your wallboards with the several widgets available.

Business tools



Media & files

Collaborative tools

O365 & Google

White paper

How best to choose your digital visual management? The more visual information, the more likely it is to be remembered. When information is presented orally, only 10% is retained by individuals after three days.

Some logistic wallboards

Discover our custom wallboards according to specific needs and issues.


The view makes it possible to distribute and rebalance resources between the different sectors

Gemba SIM Board

The Gembaboard allows to report incidents by the operators in industry. At a glance, we can then see the number of incidents reported over the 30 day rolling.

Production monitoring

This wallboard provides a synthetic view of a set of production lines.

KPI & Andon Board

This wallboard gives a view of the entire production on different stations with a notion of remaining time.

Collaborative (Obeya)

This collaborative wallboard allows teams to have a simplified view on the calendar, tops & flops, everyone’s actions, vacations, etc.

OKR method

The “OKR” wallboard is ideal for displaying company and team indicators, defined according to the OKR (Objective & Key-results) method.

Customer service

This wallboard helps boosting the efficiency of a call center, by allowing operators to see the number of incoming / handled calls, the average time spent per call and other useful and motivating indicators.

Production monitoring

An adaptable shop floor management wallboard to light up your production data on displays directly on the shop floor and organize the communication of your data even more efficiently.

OKR visualization

This wallboard allows you to highlight relevant indicators in the context of companies committed to the “data driven” culture.

They trust us

Discover our clients’ success cases and their use cases for logistics.

ISS France

Installation of wallboards connected to the “infflux” traceability software in logistics warehouses

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A paper flowboard, a large synoptic spreadsheet schematizing the production lines, made it possible to follow the progress of each part during production, which each team leader would then “point” during the shift.

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Tiag Industries has reached the milestone of factory 4.0 through the robotization of its extrusion fleet and the digitalization of workstation information.

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The challenge is to meet the information needs of Daher’s “frontline workers”, ie non-computerized people in the field, to disseminate business information in the field by reusing existing screens.

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Chantiers de l’Atlantique

How to improve your production?

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Current by GE

How to digitize operators’ incident reports and allow managers to have a synthetic view of the current month?

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How to improve my logistics with Andon?

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How to connect and digitize my system?

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How to gain visibility in real time?

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