Revolutionize your industrial management with e-Andon: a visual and intuitive approach

Pingflow’s SQCDP Wallboard has already proven itself as a powerful visual management tool. Today, let’s dive into another revolutionary tool from Pingflow:e-Andon. This innovative visual alerting and anomaly reporting solution is designed to simplify the detection, handling, visibility and improvement of industrial processes. Let’s find out how e-Andon can transform your approach to industrial management.

Transparent detection of anomalies

mockup e-andon tablette opérateur

The e-Andon offers a four-step method for revealing anomalies at a glance. The first step, detection, is carried out seamlessly via a tablet or console interface. In the video demonstration, you’ll see how to initiate a new call in just a few simple steps. Indicate the workstation concerned, the department to contact, the criticality of the anomaly, and add comments to detail the problem. e-Andon makes anomaly detection as easy as a few clicks.

Transparent, digital processing

Dealing with anomalies is a key step, and e-Andon excels in providing total visibility of the process. Follow the progress of resolution in real time, visualize the issues taken into account, and record every step. Thanks to seamless digitization, e-Andon ensures smooth, efficient management of anomaly handling.

Dynamic visibility

mockup e-andon écran de restitution

The e-Andon offers dynamic visibility thanks to an intuitive display screen. As soon as the alert is launched, follow essential details such as the item concerned, criticality, current status, and current escalation. Visual animations enable real-time monitoring of progress, while detailed drill-downs provide a clear view of each non-conformity.

Continuous improvement made easy

e-Andon facilitates continuous improvement by enabling the rapid resolution of detected problems. Thanks to its intuitive system, you can track the status of actions in real time, identify delays, and proactively improve your processes. Every resolved action is recorded, logged and ready to be analyzed for future improvements.

Conclusion: Transform Your Management with Pingflow

Pingflow e-Andon is much more than a visual alert tool. It’s a revolution in industrial management, bringing clarity, responsiveness and efficiency to your production unit. Dive into this new era of digital management with Pingflow and discover how to optimize your operations with e-Andon.

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