Our method

Human factor is crucial in a visual management project. Like any project, the benefits and impacts are sometimes difficult to anticipate: it’s better to move forward in «test & learn» mode. This is precisely what a Proof of Concept (POC) allows, flexible and time-limited before taking stock. Here are the 6 key steps of a project with Pingflow.


Define the team

Define the “key users” of our solution, project leader, IT team and the final wallboards users.


Clarify the challenges

Understand your objectives and expectations to assess success and areas for improvement.


Identify the indicators

Determine which indicators to monitor and which data to connect to the wallboard.


Think, prototype and design

Prototyping your wallboard by determining ergonomics and visual aspect.


Install the equipment

Set the equipment location, install it and configure the wallboard in full screen.


Take stock

Identify strengths and areas for improvement following initial feedback from end users.

Our expertise fields

Pingview is a dynamic data display and visualization solution. Visualize your performances instantly and collaboratively with your team on large screens.

“Digital workplace” project hub

Our team supports your company in the key steps of digital visual management for an increase in autonomy

“4.0 Industry” project hub

Through its expertise in the industrial sector, we can integrate and develop HMI adapted to your industrial organization

R&D hub

In continual innovation, our technical team works agilely to best meet your evolution needs.

Design thinking hub

We are constantly monitoring management and team management topics to detect new trends.

Our white papers

Read our white papers on digital visual management, advice on project methodologies and management of team rituals.

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