Why you need more than classic visual management ?

Visual management has been present within companies for several years and its usefulness is no longer to be proven. But, at the time of digital transformation, conventional media becomes quickly obsolete, thereby minimizing their positive impact.

  • Lack of real-time information and alerts

    Having updated and reliable data facilitates activity monitoring and self-empowerment of your teams.

    Thanks to your screens’ connection with your IS tools, data comes up automatically. Your teams will no longer lack of information and the incidents will be visible at first glance!

  • Loss of information between the professions and/or sites

    Having the right level of information for everybody is essential to ensure the optimal functioning of a company.

    Remote access to visual management boards allows to include all the team-workers concerned in the team management through shared information.

  • A hierarchy still too vertical

    It’s around visual management boards that team-workers exchange ideas on their projects and that innovative and continual improvement ideas emerge.

    Many employees see in this tool a way to express themselves, in an interactive and efficient way. This enables managers to be involved in their role as facilitator.

  • Continuously over-information

    Displaying too many indicators gives the feeling of better control. In reality, it’s quite the opposite.

    With the digitization of your visual management board, be selective about your data and favor efficiency.

A successful digitization thanks to wallboards

The new top management mission is to transform the current organization in a digital workplace. Visual management screens are the first step.

experts metiers pingacademy

Commitment of team-workers

Committed team-workers are more fulfilled and therefore more productive. Visual management gives them access to real-time indicators, promoting collaboration and collective intelligence.

You too, encourage your team-workers’ commitment!

management visuel industrie

Operational excellence approach

Your teams have goals to achieve. Visual management screens give them the keys to achieve them by making useful information visible.

On the way to operational excellence!

exploitation data management visuel

Fight against over-information

“Too much information kills information”. With Pingview, display useful and relevant indicators, necessary for each worker’s activity.

Good bye to obsolete data!

Andon Lean

Optimal data exploitation

Real-time information is essential to make the more efficient decisions and be more reactive.

So, how to use your data properly?

Pingview: our customizable wallboard solution

Pingview is a visual management solution dedicated to operational excellence. Display your key information in real time by connecting your screens to your business solutions. Customize your wallboards with the several widgets available.

Business tools



Media & files

Collaborative tools

O365 & Google

Some Digital Workplace wallboards

Discover our custom wallboards according to specific needs and issues.

Short Interval Management

This type of wallboard allows you to animate your performance rituals thanks to a global and specific view.

Production monitoring

An adaptable shop floor management wallboard to light up your production data on displays directly on the shop floor and organize the communication of your data even more efficiently.

OKR visualization

This wallboard allows you to highlight relevant indicators in the context of companies committed to the “data driven” culture.

KPI & Andon Board

This wallboard gives a view of the entire production on different stations with a notion of remaining time.

Digital workplace: they trust us

From “Caisse d’epargne” to Kubota, we support our clients in their operational excellence approach thanks to visual management.


The objective of visual management for ARaymond is to boost exchanges between managers and operators, to be more efficient by avoiding the time lost by managers to print and display, to facilitate the feedback of information by operators: problems, comments, continuous improvement

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Groupe Atlantic

Groupe Atlantic wish to digitize the SIM (Short Interval Management) of the factory with very clear expectations: a system that simplifies and streamlines the production information and its visual “translation” into clear indicators,  centralize and monitor the various action plans for the plant.

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Metso Outotec

The Short Interval Management made digital on the wallboards  focus on the current problems, and on the way in which we commit to solving them for continuous improvement and operational excellence

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Tiag Industries

Tiag Industries has reached the milestone of factory 4.0 through the robotization of its extrusion fleet and the digitalization of workstation information.

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ISS France

Installation of wallboards connected to the “infflux” traceability software in logistics warehouses

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A paper flowboard, a large synoptic spreadsheet schematizing the production lines, made it possible to follow the progress of each part during production, which each team leader would then “point” during the shift.

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The challenge is to meet the information needs of Daher’s “frontline workers”, ie non-computerized people in the field, to disseminate business information in the field by reusing existing screens.

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Chantiers de l’Atlantique

How to improve your production?

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Caisse d’Épargne (HDF)

How to digitize physical visual management within 5 teams (pilot project)?

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