A new industrial and human revolution

The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, predictive maintenance… What if these new technologies weren’t designed to replace humans in the factories of tomorrow, but to put them back at the heart of production processes?

  • Industry 4.0: teams at the heart of the game

    Data linked to machines, maintenance, production… abound. By communicating this data at the right time and in a clear manner, the pioneers of Industry 4.0 are giving meaning to the actions of their teams:

    • workers, who are empowered to make the best operational decisions,
    • managers, who can re-establish close relationships with their teams and play their role as facilitators to the full.
  • More data, less paper!

    In an intelligent factory, business solutions (ERP, MES, WMS…) produce a wealth of data on which to capitalize in order to optimize manufacturing processes. But how do you make the most of this data without multiplying time-consuming reporting and paper output that no-one ever consults? That’s where digital visual management solutions come in: with them, your teams have reliable, up-to-date information at their fingertips, enabling them to make quick decisions.

  • Information in circulation

    Displaying the right indicators and current activity improves production management, enabling you to anticipate incidents and react quickly if they do occur. With the digitization of your visual management panels, sort through your data, and prioritize efficiency with simple color codes: green, orange and red.

  • A perfect vision for steering your business

    Displaying the right indicators and current activity improves business management, enabling you to anticipate incidents and react quickly when they occur. With the digitization of your visual management panels, sort through your data and prioritize efficiency with simple color codes: green, orange and red.

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The factory of the future: towards operational excellence

The challenge of Industry 4.0? Demonstrate ever greater agility and flexibility to remain competitive. And this applies to every aspect of the business: from the ritual of animating each team before its shift to the overall management of production, from daily field rounds to the continuous improvement of processes, digital visual management, because it facilitates collaboration and the quest for performance, is at the service of operational excellence.

Lean management + digital = performance

Striving for efficiency and continuous improvement: the principles of lean manufacturing are still the preferred lever for improving operational efficiency in production. With new digital technologies, Industry 4.0 amplifies the effects: greater responsiveness, better communication, more empowered and autonomous teams.

solution sur mesure management visuel

Manage your business as close to the field as possible

Do your teams have targets to reach? By connecting your production monitoring data to visual management screens, you can make the progress of operations permanently visible, facilitate problem solving, and give your teams all the keys they need to make the best decisions in a matter of moments.

Our solutions for production management

Andon and Gemba walk: anticipate, solve, improve!

Thanks to digital technology, your field rounds are immediately followed by action, your new-generation Andon alerts (via remote control, tablet, or smartphone) speed up incident resolution… Industry 4.0 means agile, responsive factories (and teams).

Our e-Andon solutions
management visuel digital

AIC, SQCDP... team rituals that really matter

Digital visual management enables you to design clear team-building wallboards, based on real-time indicators, and thus fully effective action plans. Rely on collaboration and continuous improvement to empower your employees and develop their autonomy.

The Daily Visual Management System: Pingflow's all-in-one solution for connecting your plant

Based on Pingview, our solution for designing customized visual management interfaces, and connected to your data sources, the Daily Visual Management System enables you to digitize your work processes from A to Z. Reactivity, efficiency, productivity: more than ever, these are the keys to success for industrial companies.

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Industry 4.0: our customers are building the factory of the future today!

Production control: Sabca's connected flowboard

By switching from a paper flowboard to a digital flowboard, Sabca’s Brussels plant has considerably streamlined production tracking for parts destined for the Airbus A350 program. All in record deployment time.

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Troubleshooting: digital technology speeds up production at Chantiers de l'Atlantique

From production to procurement, Chantiers de l’Atlantique’s cruise ship cabin assembly unit has gained 15 productivity points in just a few years. Thanks to an andon alert and digital piloting project that has been implemented with great success.

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Animation rituals: tailor-made AICs from Metso Outotec

From sales to shipping, machining and assembly: by involving all its teams in the improvement of animation rituals (AIC), Metso Outotec’s Mâcon plant has considerably improved the visibility of information, and thus decision-making.

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Customer case
Pingflow and Tiag Industries

Industrie 4.0: they trust us

With Pingflow, our customers use new technologies to modernize their plants, optimize their processes and empower their teams. Here’s what they have to say.


The objective of visual management for ARaymond is to boost exchanges between managers and operators, to be more efficient by avoiding the time lost by managers to print and display, to facilitate the feedback of information by operators: problems, comments, continuous improvement

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Groupe Atlantic

Groupe Atlantic wish to digitize the SIM (Short Interval Management) of the factory with very clear expectations: a system that simplifies and streamlines the production information and its visual “translation” into clear indicators,  centralize and monitor the various action plans for the plant.

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Metso Outotec

The Short Interval Management made digital on the wallboards  focus on the current problems, and on the way in which we commit to solving them for continuous improvement and operational excellence

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Tiag Industries

Tiag Industries has reached the milestone of factory 4.0 through the robotization of its extrusion fleet and the digitalization of workstation information.

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ISS France

Installation of wallboards connected to the “infflux” traceability software in logistics warehouses

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A paper flowboard, a large synoptic spreadsheet schematizing the production lines, made it possible to follow the progress of each part during production, which each team leader would then “point” during the shift.

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The challenge is to meet the information needs of Daher’s “frontline workers”, ie non-computerized people in the field, to disseminate business information in the field by reusing existing screens.

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Chantiers de l’Atlantique

How to improve your production?

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Caisse d’Épargne (HDF)

How to digitize physical visual management within 5 teams (pilot project)?

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