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The time has come for companies to use and synthesize their data in clear, accessible, and useful forms for everyone; using it to drive their daily management. Whether decision-makers, managers or front-line employees, “data-driven” management allows informed decisions based on immediate, real-time info while integrating with all aspects of the business.

Our observation: organizations are looking for better performance and increased collaboration between teams. They are therefore led to rethink access to relevant information with digital technology. This is why we launched the concept of “wallboard” for operational excellence: information and indicators useful to the team, permanently displayed onscreens, connected in real time to their business data.

From production to logistics and support services to project teams, the merging of real-time data with proper tools provides the right information to the right people, at the right time, and for the right solutions. In our opinion, this is the true meaning of digital transformation.

Claire Jolimont

Our Team

More about Pingflow

By providing an intuitive and collaborative web solution on which shop floor workers can rely on, Pingflow delivers efficiency gains of 3% to 15% .
Real time & better  visibility on the wallboards allow users to  leverage operational data to augment daily decision making,  solve operational issues faster, make information flow freely.