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Your role within the company is to display company’s mission and vision by developing your company’s talent. Unite your team-workers around common goals in a clear and intelligible way.


Information display & Teamwork

management visuel logistique

Transparency of information

The internal flow of information is a major concern for your profession: informing newcomers, clients, new rules…

  • Dynamic information
  • Multi-site and remote access
  • Targeted information
  • Personalization and business appropriation

Strategy, vision & missions sharing

management visuel digital

To a “data driven” culture

Your role helps to create a true company culture and promoting employees commitment.

  • Vision alignment and missions
  • Objective’s clearness 
  • Employee’s motivation
  • Sense of belonging

…and your communication challenges!

Different from the institutional version, business communication enables to display in a targeted way information about team’s activity in relation to company’s strategy for the emergence of a “data driven” culture.

management visuel commercial marketing

Digital Workplace

Digital can boost your organization and make the sharing of your key information more fluid.

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management visuel digital

Team management and rituals

Team rituals around wallboard improve overall visibility of your activity and collaboration between your teams.

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solution management visuel

"Data Driven” communication

Digital visual management enables to display the good information at the right time and place.

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The solution: “data driven” communication customized wallboards

PingView is a visual management solution dedicated to operational excellence. Display your key information in real time by connecting your screens to your business solutions. Customize your wallboards with the several widgets available.

Business tools



Media & files

Collaborative tools

O365 & Google

White paper

How best to choose your digital visual management? The more visual information, the more likely it is to be remembered. When information is presented orally, only 10% is retained by individuals after three days.

Some “data driven” communication wallboards

Discover our custom wallboards according to specific needs and issues of our clients.

Bank management

This type of wallboard allows to see at a glance the performance of the agency.

Collaboratif (Obeya)

This collaborative wallboard allows teams to have a simplified view on the calendar, tops & flops, everyone’s actions, vacations, etc.

Collaboratif (Office 365)

This collaborative wallboard, connected to Office 365 tools, allows teams to exploit the data generated in their Sharepoint, Excel Online etc.

OKR method

The “OKR” wallboard is ideal for displaying company and team indicators, defined according to the OKR (Objective & Key-results) method.

“Data driven” monitoring

This wallboard allows you to highlight relevant indicators in the context of companies committed to the “data driven” culture.

Management of IT tickets

This wallboard allows a IT team to have a good visibility of the tickets it must process on a daily basis.

Overall view of applications

This wallboard allows a IT team to have a good visibility on the status of the flows it monitors.

They trust us

Discover our clients’ success cases and their use cases around a more “data driven” team monitoring.

Caisse d’Épargne (HDF)

How to digitize physical visual management within 5 teams (pilot project)?

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Current by GE

How to digitize operators’ incident reports and allow managers to have a synthetic view of the current month?

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FM Logistic

How to have custom dashboards for each activity, updated in real time and displayed to employees?

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How to connect and digitize my system?

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How to digitize your tools?

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Caisse d’épargne

How to improve our production?

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How to digitize its manufacturing chain?

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How to set up a real-time activity monitoring tool?

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How to improve your production line?

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