Implementation of a connected and digital Andon system

CLAAS is also a leader in the production of combine harvesters, including the Lexions. The 20 production plants are located in France, Germany, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Russia, the United States and India.

Find Fabrice Porteboeuf’s experience, operational excellence manager at Claas in our blog article.

The display of the Andon chain stops and alerts on our production screens has allowed us to be more reactive and to reduce considerably the downtime of the assembly line. This share, together with others, generated a 6% gain on yield.

Claas Tractor Progress Leader


As the Andon system has become obsolete with a corded call system and display boards with lamps without any connection to the automatisms, the Claas plant in Mans was seeking to modernize its Andon system.

The objective was to connect this system to the process and to the people in order to increase reactivity in case of production incidents and improve performance.


he challenges of this project were:

  • Visibility on production rate, causes of stoppages and assistance calls
  • Replacement of cord call systems with battery-less autonomous radio remote controls
  • The implementation of Andon system connected with the existing automation and ERP (SAP)
  • Automation of the geographical and technical identification of stops
  • The production report edition


The connected and digital Andon system consists of:

  • A management of web displaying on 14 large screens in the workshop with a possible consultation from any workstation of the company
  • A system for reporting information on automation, ERP, and radio call boxes
  • An SMS alert system

Current solutions also make it possible to use the alert by a VaaS (Voice as a Service) voice call system and to code alerts.


  • Operational staff satisfaction and working comfort thanks to excellent visibility on lines activity
  • Productivity gains of about 6% from this system which is important for a line with 300 operators – ROI less than 6 months
  • Management of service methods and continual improvement through data analysis