Why set up an Andon system?

Andon Lean

Minimize production line downtime


management visuel communication

Streamline production flows and production rates, avoid supply shortages


Reduce the cost of non-quality


management visuel industrie

Optimize your incident management routines


The Andon lean digital system: 4 steps to optimize your work processes

Detect, treat, make visible, improve: an Andon lean system relies on these 4 successive steps to tackle the resolution of incidents and anomalies head-on. With Andon digital solutions, these 4 steps follow one another for even greater efficiency and productivity.


Detection: faster alert

The first “stone” in an Andon lean system is the alert (or Andon call). Triggered by an operator at his workstation, by a machine that reports a breakdown, or by an information system that measures abnormal deviations (in production or quality), the alert makes it possible to signal, describe and locate the existence of a problem.


Treatment: a better-managed resolution

With an e-Andon lean process, the alert is broadcast on screen, by SMS or email in such a way as to be visible to the managers concerned, with escalation and assignment rules. Therefore, an efficient response is guaranteed. The operator knows that his call has been taken into account, and can follow the progress of the resolution in real time.


Visibility: a better flow of information

Incidents reported via an Andon system can be fed into your visual management screens, synchronized with your flowboard (for production management that’s closer to reality)… Thanks to new technologies, e-Andon becomes a lever for efficiency in the management of your production and logistics flows.


Improvement: Andon for operational excellence

Recorded, tracked, grouped by type or by area, incidents can then be analyzed with a focus on continuous improvement, and fed into your AIC wallboards, SQCDP panels, dashboards, etc. e-Andon then becomes a valuable source of information for prioritizing your operational excellence action plans and reviewing your work processes.

5 major types of Andon to systematize your lean management approach

  • Operator andon

    What is it? An alert system triggered by an operator from his workstation to report an incident (whether blocking or not): breakdown, stoppage, accident, lack of part, quality problem…

    How does it work? Via a simple call button or remote control (for “simple” andon alerts), a console or tablet, with the option of a video call for more complex cases.

  • Quality andon

    What is it? A quality drift alert system. The aim of the quality andon is to trigger reactive procedures at production level.

    How does it work? Measurement systems (machines, operator consoles, etc.) are connected to the Andon system, to process and monitor reactive actions.

  • Logistic andon

    What is it? It’s a management system for supply managers: it enables them to schedule just-in-time supplies to match line lead-lag times, as well as alerting them in the event of an incident.

    How does it work? The devices (buttons, tablets, desks) are the same as for the Andon operator, but can be used to alert or liaise with forklift operators.

  • Machine andon

    What is it? An automatic Andon, launched without the intervention of an operator (although a human is still needed to assess the seriousness of the incident, and resolve it).

    How does it work? The alert is issued by the information system (whenever a deviation on a parameterized indicator indicates a flow problem), or by the faulty or malfunctioning machine, thanks to the IoT and/or the PLC.

  • Lead / Delay time andon

    What is it? A visual alert on the flowbards (visual management panels for monitoring production flows) launched in the event of deviation: red if there is a delay on the line, green if there is a lead.

    How does it work? Based on takt-time, alerts are sent to leaders in the event of early or late arrivals, enabling them to take corrective action.

How our customers optimize their production flows

CLAAS Tractor

More flexible, more precise Andon alerts… and a ROI three times faster than expected.

Discover this case study

Chantiers de l’Atlantique

In the famous “liner factory”, 15 productivity points gained thanks – among other things – to the e-Andon and a pull-flow production system.

Discover this case study

TIAG Industries

How TIAG Industries is accelerating towards 4.0

Wallboards Andon: some examples

Simple, with an “early/late” orientation, or coupled with a production control system: discover our wallboard models (digital visual management panels) for Andon.

Production monitoring

An adaptable shop floor management wallboard to light up your production data on displays directly on the shop floor and organize the communication of your data even more efficiently.

With Pingflow, go Andon lean in 4 steps

With Pingflow, you gain access to a digital visual management technology platform designed for industry. But that’s not all: because each production unit has its own specific features and challenges, we’ll help you to quickly find the e-Andon system that best suits your project and your teams’ needs.


Explore and frame

For us, a successful visual management project must be adapted to your context, and not “tack on” a ready-made solution. That’s why we start by setting up a working group with your teams to identify your needs, your current processes, and the challenges facing future users of your Andon alert devices and visual management wallboards.


Ideating and prototyping

Choice of alerting devices (buttons, remote controls, tablets…) and display solutions (light columns, screens…): this 2nd step aims to imagine your future e-Andon system, culminating in a prototype and a POC (pilot system). This will enable you to adjust your users’ feedback in an agile way, until you have the ideal solution.


Connecting and integrating

Business applications, ERP, databases and files… If necessary (but not always), we connect your Andon alert devices and wallboards to your data sources, so that you can use them independently, especially for continuous improvement.


Launching, training, optimizing

Last stage: your pilot system is stable and satisfactory, and has been validated by its users. Now it’s time to roll it out across the entire production and supply area. Your key users are trained in its administration so that they are autonomous, and our teams maintain your e-Andon system, ready to implement future upgrades.

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