The logistics Andon for the organization of forklift drivers missions on the supply of flows

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  • a robust and visual call system for triggering manual restocking requests for calls to the workstation (maximum 4 different references for 60 workstations),
  • multi-reference restocking call points from computer screens,
  • a system of automated restocking requests that can be triggered on assets managed in programmable machines,
  • mission traceability for the supervision of activities and analysis in the event of an incident (sending, taking into account, delivery),
  • the implementation of an intelligent mission allocation algorithm based on mission load (resourcing).


Before the deployment of solutions, the old system had many failures, a lack of traceability on events and no sharing of services with many operational and performance impacts:

  • supply disruptions with production stoppages,
  • tense climate because without traceability,
  • rejection of liability between departments,
  • one-time overloads for some resources while others were available.


60 boxes of four to eight buttons were deployed to trigger calls and also allow the company to work in just-in-time. Each operator has pieces on his workstation. When the level is below the defined threshold, it triggers a call to be restocked. A flashing light is then activated and a mission is sent to the drivers. The calls are dispatched between the six operators who each have a terminal where the tasks appear. When the call is taken into account, the operator is alerted: he knows that he doesn’t need to renew the call. Each mission is timed, allowing visibility on the emergency and triggering other alerts to make the appropriate decisions and not break the flow.

  • For logistical calls to the workstation:
    The principle is simple for the operator: my workstation needs to be restocked on a reference, I press the associated button and the green light flashes. When the driver takes into account the mission (from its terminal), the light becomes fixed and turns off when the product is delivered.
  • For Multi Reference Call Points (>4):
    The principle is identical and results in a computer station (with several possible views).
  • For automated restocking requests:
    PingFlow has developed a communication with the PLC network and has developed a call logic based on minimum configurable thresholds.

Traceability is part of the Pingapp Andon logistics solution that records all events in a database searchable by Toyota.

The assignment algorithm was designed by Toyota and developed by Pingflow. The latter allocates the tasks according to a priority of resource subject to current load.

Drivers and supervisors are also informed in real time of the risk of breakage, which allows for better reactivity on emergencies.


The system has made the processes more reliable and limited disputes through traceability to each procurement mission (demand, consideration, delivery). In case of drift, the system allows to understand what happened:

  • delay on call (operator responsibility),
  • delay in the processing of the mission (driver responsibility),
  • activity overload (logistic methods responsibility).

The system also makes it possible to flexibilize resources, optimize work processes and manage potential disputes more easily.

In addition, statistical analyses are carried out on a daily basis to identify anomalies and verify whether the indicators are consistent, whether there are no peaks or impacts on the workload of delivery personnel. This also allows Toyota to simulate the workload and allocate the necessary resources in case of new vehicle model to be produced or modification of the workshop implementation.

A success for Toyota and Pingflow, which made it possible to bring the right organization and the information system that manages it!