A pilot project to modernize team management

Caisse d’Epargne (Hauts-de-France) wanted to digitize physical visual management by supporting 5 teams in the design of their new wallboards. Pingflow supported the project managers by co-building collaborative workshops for the different teams. These 3 workshops allowed to bring out the needs of the teams, to prototype and then test and refine the wallboard before its implementation.



Client story | Y. Bury

Until today, some teams used physical visual management boards (e.g., white board) for their briefs. Others didn’t use a specific medium and remote exchanges were done by telephone, which was not optimal in terms of efficiency. Then we had to find another solution

Yvon Bury, Change Management Consultant


  • Implement a digital visual management solution that involves your employees more during meetings.
  • Identify an interactive medium to encourage participation & facilitate management 
  • Clearly display objectives and action plans so that everyone knows what they need to do, can react or simply ask the questions necessary for a successful mission. 
  • Automate the data
  • Facilitate the activity management


  • Data automation: Employees or managers no longer need to retrieve and enter data. In addition, we now have updated information, which is not insignificant.
  • Modern tool and visible information
  • Display of useful data, using color codes to attest to the urgency of activity (OK, problematic, urgent), displaying a clear schedule of actions to be carried out by each