Since 2015, the challenge has been to meet the information needs of “frontline workers”, the 5,000 Daher employees working on the front line at the 52 French sites and who are not equipped with digital equipment or connection.
Daher is a French group specializing in the fields of aircraft construction, aeronautical equipment and systems, logistics and services.


Pingflow has allowed us to meet the demand of frontline workers, i.e. people who are not computerized and in the field, to distribute business information in the field by reusing existing screens. The wallboards broadcast DAHER TV while being connected to our tools thanks to APIs and connections to Microsoft 365. This solution is easy and intuitive to use to let employees take control of the solution.

Gilles Lemoigne, Digital Adoption Expert


How to inform “frontline workers” with connected wallboards?

Since the genesis of the project, the objectives of this project relate to:

  • How the DSI can offer a communication TV channel service for the group
  • Give visibility to the operational field teams on the various sites
  • Connecting information in Daher’s Microsoft universe
  • Adapt communication to the local level of the site
  • A service model between the IT department, the communication department and the sites


  • Disseminate group communication to all employees, including the 5,000 “frontline workers” (non-computerized users)
  • Allow the creation and distribution of local communication
  • Display performance indicators and operational dashboards within warehouses and factories


Customers design these “wallboards” independently or alongside us because we have a varied expertise that includes: data flows, custom development in specific or low code, and user experience and interface design. The digital wallboard of DAHER TV via the Pingview solution allows:

  • Autonomous and centralized management
  • DAHER TV accessible from a simple web browser
  • A connection with third-party tools (via APIs)
  • Wallboards connected with Microsoft 365: Powerapps (via SQL Azure BDD), Excel online, Sharepoint, PowerBI


DAHER TV wallboards allow:

  • to disseminate the right information in the right place for Frontline workers who do not have access to IT tools or corporate communication. Distribution areas are commonly
  • warehouses, for logistics management or order preparation needs, in industrial workshops around the various workstations or production lines, and again in offices for support
  • functions (DSI, relationship management customer, or communication)
  • autonomy in the realization and management of the wallboards