With a turnover growth of 20% over the last 3 years, Tiag Industries is one of the pioneers in its field to cross the threshold of factory 4.0 via the robotization of its extrusion blow molding park and the digitalization of information from workstations. work.

This digitization makes it possible to communicate all the information in real time, and therefore to apply immediate corrective actions, bringing productivity and quality gains.
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The collaborative screens placed in the workshop provide our teams with a new way of interacting with each other, making the performance of their tasks faster and more intuitive.


A family business founded in 1991, TIAG Industries has chosen to maintain all of its production of technical plastic parts in France, relying on an expert workforce and state-of-the-art industrial tools. A winning strategy evidenced by a 20% increase in turnover over the last 3 years, combined with a vision of its contracts over 5 to 10 years.


Digitization of the site to communicate all information in real time,

  • Dedicated application on smartphone and feedback of production information in real time
  • Digital tablets connected to workstations
  • Automatic alerts to the team leader
  • Automatic alerts to the quality controller
  • Overview of real-time machine rates



Since 2020, the deployment began on the entire extrusion-blow molding park, then on the injection park (2021) with the implementation of an andon system, production monitoring on tablet, machine monitoring and control, collaborative panel of ‘activity :

  • 4.0 panel connected to production to provide operators with driving information and report alerts (quality, logistics)
  • HMI on console for monitoring machine and andon activity at operator station level
  • Management of team animation ritual and dynamic information panel on interactive digital board

Deployment to all machining and rotational molding parks is planned for 2022.


“In just 20 years, we have quadrupled our workforce and invest more than one million euros in our machine parks each year,” says Alexandre Moraine, president of TIAG industries.

The results already observed:

  • Diagnose and intervene more quickly on production problems
  • Apply immediate corrective actions
  • Productivity and quality gains