Industry 4.0 transformation

New technologies therefore offer industry the opportunity to reposition human beings at the center of the production process. The field of possibilities is also open at the level of transformation and improvement of industry performance.

  • Human-centric approach of smart factory

    How? By giving operators the opportunity to take operational decisions at the right time, by giving managers the tools to build close relationships with their teams, but also by giving strategic direction to the production operators’ jobs.

  • More visbility & transparency on operations

    Having the right level of information for all is essential to ensure the optimal operation of production. Access to SQCDP visual management boards at different levels of the shopfloor and display right alerts on actions plan and continous improvement.

  • Avoid time-consuming reporting and use of paper

    Having updated and reliable data from your business solutions (ERP, MES, database, etc.) facilitates the activity management and team empowerment. Build your wallboards with right KPIs, Create, escalate and monitor corrective actions throughout the full PDCA cycle.

  • Real time KPI for operational excellence

    Displaying the right indicators and the current activity improves the activity management, the incidents anticipation and reactivity when they arise. With the digitization of your visual management boards, sort your data and favor efficiency with simple color codes: green, orange and red.

Some wallboards for Industry 4.0 transformation

Discover our wallboards : from activity monitoring to  SQCD panel or Short Interval Management (SIM) with a human-centric approach 


The view makes it possible to distribute and rebalance resources between the different sectors

Gemba SIM Board

The Gembaboard allows to report incidents by the operators in industry. At a glance, we can then see the number of incidents reported over the 30 day rolling.

Production monitoring

This wallboard provides a synthetic view of a set of production lines.

KPI & Andon Board

This wallboard gives a view of the entire production on different stations with a notion of remaining time.

Production monitoring

An adaptable shop floor management wallboard to light up your production data on displays directly on the shop floor and organize the communication of your data even more efficiently.

QSE communication

This type of wallboard makes it easy to visualize accidents and their types, while passing important instructions.

Warehouse load visibility

Just-in-time in warehouse logistics only processes that can be mapped and measured can be developed and optimized for specific goals to run smoothly, effectively, and reliably. 

Shipping visibility

This wallboard optimizes the management of shipments within a warehouse.

Andon Board

This wallboard allows you to follow the line stoppages in manufacturing and know where to act first.

Operational excellence & perfomance management

A Human-centric and performance driven solution for your plants and operations will help you maintain competitiveness.  Digital visual management will boost your operations and activity with wallboards across your organization.

Digital and lean management

Leverage technology to reach management excellence. Wallboards are operational excellence tools fit to monitor manufacturing operation, daily meetings & continuous improvement.

solution sur mesure management visuel

Operation monitoring

Speed-up problem-solving with faster escalation and effortless KPIs updates. Your wallboards will display you live activity and alerts.

Andon and Gemba walk

Improve reactivity with a digital Andon system to get visual control allowing everyone to know immediately the operating state of the production (anomaly, advance/delay…).

management visuel digital

Short interval Management

Digitizing performance management with digital wallboards  with live KPI and monitor and escalate  corrective actions throughout the full PDCA cycle.

White paper

New technologies offer industry the opportunity to have a human centric approach of the maufacturing process. How? By empowering operators to take decisions at the right time, by giving managers the tools to build close relationships with their teams, but also by giving strategic direction to the shopfloor operators.

Industry 4.0: they trust us

From Safran to Toyota, we drive our clients in their operational excellence approach thanks to visual management.

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