Expert in digital and dynamic visual management

PingFlow boosts operational excellence with synthetic and dynamic  information
with real-time broadcast on your digital wallboards.

Operational Excellence

PingFlow enables teams to focus on their activities, achieve their goals and improve reactivity in a collaborative way


"To see is to know" : PingFlow offers clarity, global visibility and alerts on the current activity to react as fast as possible

Transparency and collaboration

The challenge is to bring team on the same page with fun, synthetic and simple display that  shows what is globally happening

Full web & digital web

From a web browser, our wallboards are available on any digital devices: large monitors, interactive screens, tablets, etc.

Our software solutions

We develop simple and ergonomic software solutions for the digital transition of your visual management, activity monitoring and internal communication.


PingView is the innovative solution of digital signage for dynamic wallboards.



PingHub is platform with business applications with a communication bus for data flow monitoring.


office 4.0

Office 4.0

The digital transformation of workplaces with digital wallboards

The necessary lean and digital transition in workplace
Office 4.0 is an evolution that involves changing lifestyle and new uses. Our goal is to offer agile and easy-to-use digital solution to boost your team performance from your existing data. Lean offers a new approach to management through continuous improvement aimed at developing efficiency and collaboration.

industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

The digital transition in the supply chain industry

Simplify access to operational information 
Industry 4.0 leads to a new way of organizing the means of production with digital transformation including IT, hardware ans software. Through our expertise, we bring real added value to real-time management interfaces for operational teams. PingFlow  boosts performance with simple digital solutions.

Our digital visual management applications

supervision and management of business activities

Supervision and activity monitoring

Activity monitoring implies synthetic ans dynamic views of the business activity indicators allowing team self-organization, usually on large screens fixed on the wall.

collaborative visual management

Collaborative visual management

Collaborative visual management is a process of review of activity indicators and various themes with the manager and his team, usually on large touch screens.

internal communication

Internal communication

Beyond activity and visual management, digital displays are an amazing opportunity to diffuse internal information on specific time slots and/or locations.

Our expertise covers the choice of hardware and digital media

Colonnes lumineuse le jour : système alerteElectronics : a range of integrated light columns for make visible the alerts.

système alertes : télécommandes andonConnected objects : simple technologies for rising and qualifying alerts

Display monitors : the best technology to broadcast your informations on large screens

You can trust us !

In the age of digital transformation of workpkace and supply chain, digital visual management improves performance, efficiency, and collaboration of your teams from operational to strategic levels.

Our expertise in information systems and new technologies enables PingFlow to position itself as a unique and innovative Business Activity Monitoring solution  wallboard solution at the crossroads of digital signage and business tools.

Our core values

values pingflow : agility


We drive digital transition of organization to evolve towards lean, agile and digital practices by moving to paperless, responding to the mobile needs, and offering simple solution

value pingflow : innovation


Winner of innovation and startups Awards, we already equip major corporations and SMEs in transition to digital visual management with continuous innovative solutions.

value pingflow : proximity


Based on our references in various industries, we support and advise our clients in their lean and agile organization with projects associated with digital visual management.

value pingflow : expertise


Our priority is to meet our customers' needs in a agile way. We work together over the long term with your teams to find reliable and scalable solutions.

Our prestigious references

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