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Remote management made easy for your displays !

Stream your content to any screen with just a few clicks. The Pingplay platform allows you to manage all the players connected to your screens.

Manage your display fleet in one click!

The Pingplay platform allows you to manage all the players on your screens remotely, with a clear view of the status of each screen and the content that is broadcast on them. Integration with the Pingview solution ensures you always have up-to-date content. Create and publish your content and see changes in real time on all your screens.


Pingplay main features

Easy maintenance of remote screens

Easily access all of your players  in one interface for quick maintenance and a global view of the players’ status and content!

Synthetic view of all players

Label management allows you to easily classify and find players according to your organization (by theme, by broadcast area, etc.)

Customised content display

Each player is linked to a URL. You can broadcast a Pingview wallboard, or even a PowerPoint Online, Power BI or website report.

Automatic on and off

Schedule the players to turn on and off automatically according to specific days or times of the week.

The Pingbox players

The Pingplay solution can be installed on your own players / PCs or be supplied with our “Pingbox” players already configured!

More information on the players

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