PingView allows you to design your wallboards and create a link. Until now, you had to figure out what hardware to use and deal with the resulting management in terms of maintenance, or turning on and off screens.

The entire PingFlow team is delighted to launch a new solution : PingPlay.

This allows you to manage, from a single remote interface, your entire broadcasting fleet.

Some advantages:

  • Simplified and centralized management of players
  • Easily change the broadcast link on the screen
  • Sorting and management of players with a label system
  • Summary view of the status of the players (disconnected, on) and overview of what is shown on the screen
  • Automatic programming of the switching on and off of the monitors
  • Players automatically updated regularly

Discover PingPlay in video (in french) :


Now, posting a wallboard has never been so easy. We have also chosen to open our solution to links other than those of our wallboards. So, if you want to broadcast a PowerPoint online or Power BI public report, you are free to enter this type of URL.

With PingPlay and our new “all in one” offer, you receive your PingBox players that you connect to your network, connect to your monitors for a fast and secure installation. Within seconds, a code is displayed on the screen. From the PingPlay interface, add a new player by entering the code: your player is now attached to PingPlay.

Another advantage: the possibility of keeping your existing equipment (player, mini PC). In this case, you only pay for a PingPlay access right license and we will provide you with an application that will easily install on your current hardware.

With PingPlay, you have total control over your broadcasting fleet and its management over time.

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