In most cases, visual management & team ritual often rhymes with face-to-face. However, in a context of strong telework as companies know it at the moment, we present a solution to you to perpetuate the process of team animation by digital!

Indeed, teleworking should not prevent you from simply disseminating information. We are more easily inclined to call each other, send emails, instant messages… Be careful, however, to use these channels appropriately and according to the degree of urgency, at the risk of saturating mailboxes and minds. The oral and the written are important, the visual is even more so.

An unique support to facilitate the animation and the visibility of the activity in progress

Good communication is all the more important during this period to disseminate relevant information on the activity, but also to continue to unite the team, as physical animation rituals would do.

Indeed, it is necessary to allow employees to find the same information as in the office, even if they cannot be present there. Thanks to the wallboards, they will be able to find the key indicators and the various information needed by the team. It is possible to easily display the follow-up of the tasks of the day or the week.

An unique support to facilitate mutual aid and share the mood of the moment

When you are in the office, it is possible to identify the energy of a collaborator, to help each other or to solicit each other quite easily. In remote, it can be more difficult for some employees to express their feelings about a task to be performed. The wallboard can also centralize everyone’s current mood and encourage sharing. In this case, we will create an Excel file or an AirTable shared table that everyone can easily feed, directly from the file or via a simplified form in the case of AirTable.

An unique support to centralize activities related to technical development

For developers, teleworking will probably allow better concentration because the risk of being disturbed will be lower. However, it is advisable to keep the link in one way and to display an overall vision of the activity within a team. It is possible to connect the famous Git tool (or others) in order to have a view of the wallboard updating over the actions of each one.

Take action now!

You have understood: visual management is not incompatible with the generalization of telework. However, this requires that it be digital, in order to be able to access it at any time and from any place! It can be a good complement to your usual collaboration tools (Teams, Skype, Google Meet): it will suffice to share the wallboard during the videoconference. We know the importance of the visual during meetings. Indeed, 30% of information is better retained when it is visual.




Do you want to quickly set up a wallboard to centralize your team’s activities?

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