Digital collaborative wallboard in banking production

The CEPAC wanted to deploy in its back and middle office banking production teams digital wallboards for the activity management and monitoring (these teams having the particularity of being located on 3 continents: metropolitan France, Reunion and Antilles).

Interview with Patrick Vincenti, Head of the Monitoring and Assistance Department at the Caisse d’Epargne CEPAC.

Pingflow, the energizing and refreshing solution for the collaborative.

– Eric Lucchesi, Monitoring and Control Department, CEPAC


  • Manage and organize the activity
  • Identify and treat malfunctions with more responsiveness
  • Identify the priorities
  • Better sharing of information
  • Involving employees in a participatory world
  • Improve the level of performance


  • Go further in a logic of continuous improvement
  • Implementation of Visual Management directly in Digital mode
  • Support the organization on the digital transition
  • Design ergonomic, dynamic and pleasant interfaces for operational staff


  • Pingview solution used for live display of collaborative wallboard on giant screens and workstations
  • Connect to PDF, Excel, video, Datamart…
  • Formation of an in-house team on Pingview to evolve in autonomy
  • Creation of touch-sensitive “templates” with scalability from the template


  • Number of current boards: 3 in September 2017 and eventually, summer 2018, 20 boards (display on 30 giant touch screens and 240 workstations)
  • Sharing of relevant information between unit boards and between management board and unit boards including on remote sites
  • Buy-in from operational staff and managers
  • Easy to get started
  • Improved team collaboration