Dynamic and connected wallboards for support team management.

In its organization’s lean transition, the Idkids CIO support and deployment team wanted to integrate a digital solution to simplify access to business information with the display of real-time business indicators on large screens in the open space. The solution also displays more general communication information (videos & social networks of the company).


  • Display of business indicators from ticket tools (Servicenow)
  • Make the support service attractive and manage it with understandable information from all
  • Improve communication and visibility of activities between departments
  • Internally display external and internal communications content from social networks


  • Deploy screens in open space by developing the collective use of wallboards and avoid dashboard mode
  • Aggregating data from several information systems
  • Automate update of indicators
  • Make service support information “attractive” by designing ergonomic, dynamic and design interfaces
  • Easy handling and autonomy of the project team on the Pingview tool


  • Deployment of the Pingview solution used for the display of activity and communication wallboards
  • Installation of simple and tactile screens in the open space
  • Successful and automated connection to the business solutions used (database, Servicenow business tool, files, etc.)
  • Training of the in-house team on Pingview to evolve in autonomy


  • No additional double entry or reporting by end users as the Pingview solution uses existing business tools
  • Better visibility on incidents, statistics, action plan for better team responsiveness and collaboration
  • Updated and visible information from all
  • A desire to see more and to extend wallboards to other services!