Implementation of a yo-i-don system for Scania Angers

Pingflow was retained by Scania Angers in 2002 to implement a real-time activity tracking tool. The system has been upgraded several times to follow the evolution of processes at Scania but also to integrate new technologies such as connected objects (for operator call boxes) and dynamic display on large screens.


Before being able to be hooked on the manual line, the chassis (visible here in its version just before hanging) passes through 6 workstations timed at takt time of the factory (about 11 mn). Since the chassis is placed on wheeled carts, at each end of takt, operators must push the chassis downstream. All line operators must have completed their work in order for this progress to be possible. Before the Yo-i-don system was installed, this line was the bottleneck of the plant.

Operating principles

Three LED displays were installed along the line to provide collective information

  • The part about the Yo-i-don was surrounded in red.
  • The information useful to the Yo-i-don for the cadencement of the line concerns the display of the countdown of the takt time and the ends of work at the station (here stations 1,2 and 5 have finished).
  • The takt time countdown freezes during non-production periods (breaks and end of team)
  • An end of work results in the press of the green button of the radio remote installed on each station

Operation without incident: when all stations are finished (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 on) and the countdown reaches 0, all the numbers flash for 10 seconds (which is the product travel time) and a new countdown restarts.

Operation with Incident: When one or more stations are not completed and the countdown is 0, the line stops and an alert message is sent to the crew leader. The stop is recorded and assigned to the position that did not validate the end of work on time.

Associated with the Yo-i-don, the Andon operator allows to launch a call for assistance using the buttons available on the box.


The scope covered by the system:

  • The manual line for the construction of the truck chassis
  • The airline with conveyor
  • The line on the ground

The system installed by Pingflow is connected to the bidirectional operator remotes developed by Pingflow and to the site automation.

The features of the system are:

  • Operator and machine alerts viewed on displays with voice and SMS messages (Andon calls)
  • Tracking takt time with countdown,
  • Manual line timing (Yo-i-don)
  • Automated tracking of stops with automatic identification on automated and manual defects on imputation of stops by service,
  • Real-time activity tracking on LED displays at the start of the project and on large monitors for 6 years.
  • Incident Events Logging and Production Reporting


  1. The productivity gap between a line with or without a Yo-i-don system is in the range of 10 to 20%.
  2. The historization of incidents allows to quickly initiate actions to improve the production tool and the organization.
  3. The visibility of the activity in real time makes it possible to synchronize support services such as logistics and quality.
  4. Incident calls divide the response and resolution times by 2 or 3.


Yo-i-don systems developed by Pingflow now use the Pingview display solution to deliver information to large monitors and our two-way remote controls (or tablets) allow us to offer solutions without local IT (in SaaS mode).