Factory of the future: real-time visibility of operations

Visual management implemented on the production lines cabins has brought us several advantages such as: the visual simplification of the SAP system, the highlighting of off-cycle pieces, the anticipation of blocking missing, the improvement of inter-communication service by limiting the use of mail or telephone, and to have shared information that can be consulted remotely.

– Stelia Supply Chain Cabin Manager


Supporting the STELIA Group since 2012 on the management of the change related to the theme of the factory of the future, the objective of our digital visual management solutions allow to support the new organization in just-in-time flows.

Thanks to the workshops carried out with the IT and industrial management teams, the needs were defined and expressed on the real-time visibility of operational workflows.

Before expanding the projects, several phases of “Proof of Concept” (POC) were carried out in order to attract operational support and to verify the adequacy and technical performance of our solutions.

The objectives also focus on future processes such as moving lines by improving and industrializing existing systems.


The innovative projects carried out required:

  • Ease of daily use
  • Reproduction of existing paper with ergonomic digital features
  • Connection and escalation of SAP ERP information
  • Using web technologies to animate interactive monitors
  • A quality of configuration and solution evolution


1. Advance/Delay Production Tracking
Implementation of an advance/delay in production tool at the Rochefort and Mérignac sites

2. Andon system in production on moving lines
Installation of operator console on tablet for the qualified management of Andon calls and their traceability

3. MES activity monitoring on operator console
Operator data insertion on tablet console for real-time reporting of operational progress and access to SAP production lines

4.  Supply Management and Production Interactive Monitor

  • Facilitation and management of buyers’ teams on missing pieces on a large interactive monitor placed in the center of the open space with retransmission to the operatives on monitors on each of the 8 assembly lines
  • Automated procurement side data extraction

5. Forklift operator Console for Logistics Supply Management

  • Indoor/outdoor geolocation for mission assignment
  • Triggering stock alerts for restocking on the forklift operator’s desk


In service since 2012 for the first sites, the solution has been adopted by the operations and management of the Stelia Aerospace group. Deployment of solutions is underway at other sites.

  • Real-time and simplified visibility of the operational workflow
  • Optimization of logistics resources
  • A reduction in the lack of components during assembly
  • A reduction in delivery delays
  • Better inter-service communication with shared information