Building on a vision of “human-centric”, PingFlow promises a complete digital transition, and human.

Building on a vision of “human-centric”, PingFlow promises a complete digital transition, and human.


First, it is important to remember that for many companies, the digital transition is moving around the data and development (task automation, data collection, reporting etc.)
Vision “human centric” we simply says that we should not forget, among all these figures, reports, and excel tables, side, human , essential to any digital transition.
The vision and corporate strategy are limited to a technology perspective (Big Data Blockhain example), we pushed to create the human-deadlock.
However, if a mistake should not be committed, it is that to charge only the side technology behind such a transition.

It is important to incorporate the human dimension in the treatment of the data, and this can be done in several ways:

First, in the same analysis of the data collected. Without humans, massively recovered data have no value. They need a look, a human judgment in order to gain relevance.
But above all, this judgment is not limited to a single person, it is the corporate culture and the power of internal trade that will emerge relevant insights.
This is why a business must adapt and change in order to support all employees in this new mutation.
In this way, we place the data in a specific context to give it meaning: that of the company and its customers. This is also why they are encouraged that the data analysis are also carried out by people familiar with the company and its goals, culture …

The company is our second point to tackle.

In general, today we see that more and more services seeking access to data on and so free themselves of this digital strategy centered around a single service: from new opportunities will be created.
The development of methods agile work , more and more popular today and the culture feedback allow to involve all employees to create a true digital strategy within the company. This is the data-democratization.


With its position at the crossroads of three worlds (signage, business intelligence, monitoring of activities), our solutions can be adapted to all types of industries in all types of departments.
Our visual management solution lighthouse PingView, connects to your entire information system and allows you to view real-time information you want.
We assist companies in their digital transition to move towards organizations lean, agile and digital through the paperless.
We offer a simple and fun way to give life to your data by maximizing their potential and making them understandable to all, then you create areal added value.
From the analysis of KPIs in collaborative team management , involve your team and go in search of better performance!