Manage a contact center with relevant indicators

Towards the animation of real-time performance in the contact center

Today, the challenges of local management and organization via contact centers involve real-time management of operational performance in contexts sometimes marked by a need to “juggle” with different tools to obtain a view of together. The current standard solutions, integrated with cross-channel tools, come from publishers offering a vision of performance with indicators (KPIs or SLAs) which exclude, however, the other dimensions of the company necessary to allow maximum commitment and involvement. collaborators.


Aggregate information from the various existing tools

The digital visual management provides a tailor-made solution connecting:

  • to various customer management tools (ACD / ERP / CRM, etc.)
  • performance data (whether operational, economic or commercial)

The digital wallboard makes it possible to identify all these data, to translate them visually in an appropriate way for the team, but also to integrate a managerial and human dimension which makes it possible to bring the teams towards the expected performances while communicating on the life of the team, of the company.


A new way of managing teams

Sharing information in this way is innovative. It saves considerable time for local managers (or even production managers), who, thanks to digital and modern means, have full latitude to communicate with the right people at the right time (group meeting, morning brief , ordering customer point). The interactive screens will allow navigation on the different themes during the animation of team briefs, and will remain usable in free access for employees at any time of the day. This solution provides the flexibility expected today, and offers added value on the digital business transformation market through the absence of dependence on a specific tool which, natively, would offer its own dashboard and its battery of data to consolidate.


Enter the era of digital visual management

Visual management, a tool derived from lean management, reveals countless opportunities and animation levers. With the transformation of management methods, the needs for real-time performance management and collaboration are changing the role of managers. They must have adequate tools for more transparency, efficiency, flexibility and collaboration.

The real challenge is to have a tool to visually translate the many data:

  • Implement the management dimension, adapted to your organization, thanks to the customization of indicators and the search for key elements in the various tools used to manage your customer relationship and a variation, for example, of the graphic charter of your company or of your customers.
  • Animate these wallboards with spaces dedicated to management for employees and thus capitalize on information related to groups, production departments, or even the company
  • Support employees by setting up dedicated interactive fields that allow them to commit a little more each day to their company and its customers (birthdays, successes, weather, road traffic and transport, etc.) and the list goes on exhaustive.

Save time by avoiding developing your own tools or implementing a solution that does not fully meet your needs. Pingflow wallboards, adapted and adaptable to your needs, include both the operational and human dimension because they allow interactions between different employees, groups or departments of the same company.

See examples of customer service & call center wallboards!


Do not hesitate to consult our White Paper on this subject, and to contact us if you need additional information, or even request a quote!

Frederick Derrien

“Agissant comme conseil en organisation, méthode et management, mais aussi parce que mon passé et mon expérience ont toujours été marqués par le management de centres de contacts clients multicanal, la découverte de PingFlow et de son principe de management visuel digital a été pour moi la concrétisation très rationnelle de ce que je pouvais attendre des solutions de pilotage visuel de centres de contacts via des WALLBOARDS.” Frédérick Derrien