Interactive visual management


Interactive display

An interactive display is defined by an interactive medium that encourages the bystander to interact with that display and more particularly with the message being displayed. The media can in fact be touch-sensitive so that the target can interact and have access to more specific information by clicking on the screen.

This type of display adapts to several situations. Whether you are in a museum or in a store and want to have more information on a canvas or product; or you want to manage a team more efficiently.

Interactive visual management

The goal of interactive visual management is to make the different actors act and react. The screen then becomes a targeted tool for every need for an undeniable collaborative effect. Each person can choose to display the details of this or that information but the basic screen displayed is adapted to the team needs.

Benefits of interactive visual management can be seen very quickly. Problems can be solved faster because everyone has access to information and it takes just a click and a look to have a overall and detailed view. In addition, making the evolution of a project visible to everyone can increase awareness and thus increase their accountability. As a result, the team will feel more involved in the company and their motivation will grow.


Interactivity with Pingview

With the Pingview solution, you can display your information simply and add interactivity to make this information more dynamic.

To do this, simply connect your data to the solution, display it using different widgets according to your wishes and create interactivity and animation conditions. In fact, you can define the actions in relation to clicks.

Here are some examples of animation due to interactivity:

  • Moving from one display to another
  • View more specific and detailed information relative to selected baseline information
  • Change the color of a text or number
  • Indicate that a mission has just been completed
  • Display or not graph information…