Signage for internal communication

Visiativ - Signage for internal communication

Visiativ supports companies in their digital transformation. For this, they publish collaborative solutions adapting to the different businesses of the company as process management, electronic document management, editing web portal, e-commerce and social collaboration.


Goals Visiativ


Visiativ objective is to improve the diffusion of information in the internal communication group to employees but also to customize the reception of suppliers, customers and partners.

Already equipped before with digital signage solution, Visiativ wanted to modernize its adversiting network to solve many technical problems (connection speed, back office, bug...) while continuing to deliver dynamic information to its employees.

Challenges Visiativ


The update of the information can quickly become cumbersome and tedious for communication manager. In addition, the internal workflow of information can quickly become complex and slow.
It becomes common to have displays with outdated information.

The challenge of Visiativ is to provide updated information continuously and devote the least time possible.

Solutions Visiativ


The PingFlow web solution of automating the information taken regurlaly at the source: direct connection to RSS feeds, the webapps (twitter, weather, facebook, youtube, etc.) and data for an always updated display.

The interface is very easy to use for the layout of the display or the broadcasting schedule on the various viewing points.
Using PingFlow may be further thereafter with a communication team training to facilitate the integration of data and adding dynamic animations.

Results Visiativ


Visiativ broadcasts its digital signage today in 4 French agencies continuously.
The communication manager based in Lyon is able to plan with time and date and choose the broadcast on the display points of reliable agencies.
An extension of the display park is planned to extend the displays points.

Screen example displayed in offices


Quote Visiativ


"PingFlow strength is in the automatic connection to the data stream, we do not spend time to update the information! The display screens via dynamic update is still an innovative way to communicate because it changes of emails or paper bulletin boards. The simplicity of the circulation management and planning is a real plus in PingFlow."
Communication manager of Visiativ