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Itelios - Corporate communication

Itelios is a company specialized in connected commerce. It helps its customers to build an efficient and expanded customer experience by accompanying them in the growth of their digital and omnicanal activity in France and abroad.

Objectives Itelios


Itelios' main objective was to improve corporate communication by disseminating dynamic information to employees at all of their sites (Lille, Paris, Macon, Sao Paulo and New York).

Challenges Itelios


Itelios first wanted to be able to display common and transparent information without difficulty to all its employees. In addition, the company wanted to allow them to get to know each other better and to be aware of the latest news of the company such as newcomers, upcoming birthdays, current events, weather and posts Social networks.

Solutions Itelios


PingFlow has accompanied Itelios in the creation of a dynamic screen for internal communication that allows all employees to be aware of the company's current events at any time.
To do this, PingFlow took care of the integration of the data while several collaborators of Itelios worked together on the creation of the screens.

Results Itelios


Information flows better within the company. Employees are always up to date with the latest news.

The tool has become an essential tool and corporate communication is now optimized.

Quote Itelios


" A dynamic and collaborative communication tool. "
Head of People & Culture Development of Itelios

Communication corporate chez Itelios

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