Internal transformation of your company: where are you?

To remain competitive, companies are undertaking internal and external transformation projects. In the times we are currently living in, companies that demonstrate resilience will have a better chance of success. This is a real challenge for managers who must involve and engage teams in this direction, while evaluating the actions implemented and analyzing the results. It is sometimes difficult to assess the progress of your transformation project. In this article, we share five questions you need to ask yourself to stay on track.

What is the meaning of transformation?

transformation entrepriseThe first question to ask yourself is: is your transformation project consistent with your objective? What are the issues ? What are the expected results ? It is also necessary to clearly define the type of transformation targeted: rapid and global, driven by the digital revolution and which implies a profound change in the structure, or rather a step-by-step transformation which consists of adapting to market developments?

It is only by knowing what transformation you want to operate that you will be able to know if you are going in the right direction or not.

Do the teams adhere to this transformation?

To measure the effectiveness and progress of your transformation project, we advise you to survey your teams to see if they adhere to it and if they understand it. To do this, check if they are able to explain the objectives, targets, priorities, milestones, changes to expect and future benefits.

Then make sure that they share your vision, and that they are optimistic about the implementation of this transformation. If your employees have confidence in you and in your project, it means that your objectives are realistic and that its implementation is well underway.

Do we have a vision of progress?

culture data drivenNothing better to assess your transformation than to have a vision of its progress. This requires the clear display of objectives, action plans, results already obtained, blocking points, points of progress… Several indicators are also to be monitored: the level of progress of the roadmap, the evolution of turnover, recruitment, evolution of traffic on the website, the rate of resolution of any problems, etc.

How to facilitate the transformation?

This question tests whether you are deploying all the levers available to achieve your transformation. This concerns, for example, tools, management and project management methods, the recruitment of new skills, etc. Everything that will facilitate the adaptation of your structure to the new strategy and the new organization.

Are the results visible?

communiquer résultatsLast question to ask yourself, the most fundamental: are the results of this transformation visible? What KPIs are measured? How are they shared? So many questions that you must answer before going further in your transformation project.

Without a clear and transparent vision of objectives and results, it will be difficult to engage your employees in your business transformation process. Even if there is no “magic wand”, digital solutions allowing to communicate the objectives and results to the teams in a clear and transparent way are essential. For our part, we believe that visual management is a suitable tool for measuring and monitoring your transformation project. And you?