Andon Call Box

Andon call box - Renault

Renault is a French automaker linked to Japanese manufacturer Nissan since 1999 and was in 2013 the fourth largest automotive group.
The Renault group has 38 plants and numerous subsidiaries worldwide.
Goals Renault


The main objective of the Renault project is to modernize its remote control in order to declare andon calls on manufacturing lines.
The modernization lies in new simple andon call boxe to communicate with the information system, PLCs, and operators.

Solutions Renault


  • Development of intelligent remote control (andon call box) long range and available on IP
  • Development of a gateway for setup and connection to Renault alert management tools
  • Acknowledgement of the message addressed by an LED thats lights up
Solutions Renault


The new remote controls allow :

  • A modern andon call system connected to the IT network through IP address for a simple interface and multi-site management
  • Visibility of calls and real time information related to the production line
  • A radio technology to avoid writing and reduce costs
  • Ease of use and deployment to operational

Quote Renault


"The solution PingFlow-NooliTIC calls made from a reliable and scalable architecture, easy to implement, allows each operator to report an incident on the production line. These calls broadcast on various media (TV,SMS) allow us to be more responsive to management problems.
The manager identified retrospectively using pareto the most disadvantageous positions. A post office shadowing to eradicate the disturbing and thus guarantee the quality of product."

Responsable informatique de MCA Renault