PingApp Andon

Andon is a word borrowed from Japanese originally meaning paper lantern.
Used in the manufacturing in a lean management approach, Andon system allows to report an anomaly in the production process by visual and audible alerts.

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The application is intended to facilitate the creation of an incident, to be able to qualify it and then assign it to the right resource for its resolution.

For each Andon call, an incident processing organisation must be associated. There are different types of Andon:

  • operator Andon
  • Andon machine
  • Andon logistics
  • Andon cadence (advance/delay)
  • Yo-I-Don

PingApp Gemba

QRQC (Quick Response Quality Control), SQCPD (Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery & People), VMP (Visual Management of Performance), SIM (Short Interval Management) or Gemba board display key information about the activity related to the area to different levels on a daily basis.

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The Gemba application allows you to insert information from the shopfloor from mobile interfaces or directly from the boards in order to consult complete boards.

These management boards facilitate team management rituals as close as possible to the shopfloor. The use differs according to the different levels: operator – team leader – site on different topics and types of information:

  • Safety: QHSE KPI, audit, accident and hazard review
  • Quality: non-compliance, clients complaints, KPI, action plan monitoring
  • Costs: analysis of downtime, OEE, purchases/ immob monitoring
  • Lead time: client schedule, delivery monitoring, load plan
  • Staff: Skills, Empowerment, Team Life & HR Info
  • Instructions & action plans
  • KPI of performance

Client case

Current by General Electric is an American company that deploys, on behalf of General Electric, innovative solutions in the management of collective lights (office lights, motorways lights, etc).

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