Examples of wallboards

Here are some examples of wallboards, inspired by the ones we customized for our clients.

Bank management

This type of wallboard allows to see at a glance the performance of the agency.

Visual management of performance

This type of wallboard allows to combine the instructions of the day, an overview of the activity (smileys) and custom graphics.

Collaboratif (Obeya)

This collaborative wallboard allows teams to have a simplified view on the calendar, tops & flops, everyone’s actions, vacations, etc.

Collaboratif (Office 365)

This collaborative wallboard, connected to Office 365 tools, allows teams to exploit the data generated in their Sharepoint, Excel Online etc.

OKR method

The “OKR” wallboard is ideal for displaying company and team indicators, defined according to the OKR (Objective & Key-results) method.

“Data driven” monitoring

This wallboard allows you to highlight relevant indicators in the context of companies committed to the “data driven” culture.

Management of IT tickets

This wallboard allows a IT team to have a good visibility of the tickets it must process on a daily basis.