Improve your team rituals with our solution


Global view

Display a global & easy view of the activity, with automated color codes. Efficiently animate each area and distribute information (flash, instructions, kaizen etc.)


Incidents & actions

Report incidents & determine action plans directly from the panel, tablet or computer. See calendars S, Q, C, D, P calendars automatically colored.


Escalate information

Escalate incidents and actions to levels other than your team’s. Manage multiple team levels to identify where the issues lie.


Share the wallboard

View the screen remotely to collaborate with easy sharing via a link to open in a web browser.

White paper

“Digital will boost your team rituals”. Team briefs are essential to unite your employees around the operational and strategic vision of the company. But times are changing! Gone are the endless meetings where only the manager is an actor. Now is the time for collaboration, collective intelligence and transparent information.

Digital SIM & Gembaboard examples

Discover some examples of wallboards made with Pingview.

Short Interval Management

This type of wallboard allows you to animate your performance rituals thanks to a global and specific view.

QSE communication

This type of wallboard makes it easy to visualize accidents and their types, while passing important instructions.

Warehouse load visibility

Just-in-time in warehouse logisticss only processes that can be mapped and measured can be developed and optimized for specific goals to run smoothly, effectively, and reliably.

Shipping visibility

This wallboard optimizes the management of shipments within a warehouse.

Production monitoring

An adaptable shop floor management wallboard to light up your production data on displays directly on the shop floor and organize the communication of your data even more efficiently.

Andon Board

This wallboard allows you to follow the line stoppages in manufacturing and know where to act first.

OKR visualization

This wallboard allows you to highlight relevant indicators in the context of companies committed to the “data driven” culture.

Customer service

This wallboard helps boosting the efficiency of a call center, by allowing operators to see the number of incoming / handled calls, the average time spent per call and other useful and motivating indicators.

Visual management of performance

This type of wallboard allows to combine the instructions of the day, an overview of the activity (smileys) and custom graphics.

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