Short Interval Management (SIM) : a key issue for the industry

Short interval management is a pillar of lean management. It aims to identify, in an organization, the problems encountered and the solutions to be activated by relying on quick meetings, involving a limited number of people. A true institution within industrial companies, this approach has progressed with digital tools. Visual management in particular is proving effective in managing SIMs more effectively.

Whats is SIM (Short Interval Management) ?

AIC industrieIn factory shopfloor or warehouse, each level (from operator to site level) follows very methodical continuous improvement rituals, with a specific facilitation approach. These are called SIMs. The teams regularly organize briefs: during team rotation, daily, weekly… These meetings are very quick from 5 minutes (top5) to 1 hour for the site level. This approach assumes the definition and implementation of performance indicators (or KPIs), information and themes to be managed to facilitate analyzes and decision-making. Operators and team leaders feed back the information on animation panels. These make it possible to verify that the objectives set have been achieved.

In the event of a significant deviation, the animation at short intervals makes it possible to react quickly: it is a question of studying the incidents and the causes of the problem (change of batch, failure, etc.), of finding resolution actions to be implemented without wasting time. The teams then follow the resolution of incidents and actions and go up to the next level if necessary.

Please note, the short interval meeting is not:

  • an information meeting,
  • a meeting where no decision is made,
  • the review of a large number of indicators,
  • a non-regular meeting.

Digital SIM : what for ?

The board used for SIM (Short Interval Management) often exist in traditional paper or whiteboard format: dashboards, SQCD panels, etc. Working methods are moving towards greater mobility and teleworking, remote access is now essential. In addition, updating paper media takes time and is less compatible with environmental issues.

Visual management screens replace paper charts, while keeping the same role: highlighting sticking points and action plans towards continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Their added value is multiple:

  • A faster update (or even real time) and homogeneous to all panels
  • Highlighting of information & indicators thanks to reading levels and conditioned animations (color codes, flashing …)
  • A rapid escalation of incidents & action plans to the next level
  • The interactivity of digital support Simplified updating of messages, instructions, documents and videos
  • The ability to consult it, even remotely, ideal in a telecommuting or multi-site context

Solutions with PingFlow

panneau AICIn order to meet the needs of its industrial customers, PingFlow has precisely developed a new solution for digital wallboards.

It allows the operator to directly enter incidents and actions related to SQCD themes directly on the screen or from a computer. Thus, the wallboard displays incidents and action plans in real time according to its area & level. It is also possible to display performance indicators, instructions (in PDF or video), flash messages, etc. on the same view.

The personalization of the display remains total. A “calendar” view by theme (Safety, Quality, Costs, Deadline, etc.) is available to highlight, using color codes, the days on which incidents were declared and their level of criticality. Obviously, the themes followed, the levels of emergencies and alerts are fully customizable for each area & each organization.

To report an incident or set up an action plan, all you have to do is complete simple input fields and then modify the status according to the progress of the resolution of the problem.

An administration interface is accessible for administrators and team leaders in order to obtain an overview of their perimeter. This application is designed to be able to maintain the methodology in all circumstances, even when working remotely.

Rituals of animation in digital version are strategic in Industry 4.0. You should not neglect them, especially in times of crisis. Digital helps to maintain the relationship between teams and a continuous improvement methodology in the service of performance, even in a difficult and unstable context. In addition, it modernizes the image of the company. Please do not hesitate to consult our White Paper on this subject, and to contact us if you need further information.

Livre blanc animation de la performance