Kubota is a Japanese manufacturer N°1 in Europe with its mini-excavators, compact tractors and engines, Kubota Corporation recently attacked the agricultural tractor sector with the launch of its new M series. Located in the Bierendyck area, in Bierne (59), the new factory dedicated to tractor construction was inaugurated in September 2015.


Implementation of a connected and digital Andon system


As part of the construction of a new tractor production site in the North of France, in Bierne, Kubota chose Pingflow to cadence the assembly line.


The challenges of this project were:

  • Collaborative work with Japanese, French (client) and Korean teams (production line supplier)
  • Satisfaction of a Japanese client demanding for Andon
  • Scalability of the system depending of the ramp-up (1 year)


The system is connected to the line automatisms and allows to control the light columns placed along the line as well as the two Andon tables (monitors of 65” placed head spade in the middle of the line).

Real-time performance indicators are available in workshops and offices with the Pingview web display solution.


  • Customer and production line operational satisfaction
  • Best production performance – Verified ROI
  • Extension of the current system to other lines and preparation cells