How to have custom dashboards for each activity, updated in real time and displayed to employees?

Created in 1967, FM Logistic is an independent group that offers a complete supply chain offering from consulting and design to monitoring and execution. Today, the company is a major player in international logistics, operating in 14 countries and accounting for more than 60% of its international turnover. In order to have dashboards on the activities of the Moscow site in real time, the company decided to equip itself with Pingview.

Today, we have achieved our goals: reports are generated much more quickly, freeing employees from this time-consuming task. Each manager is free to create his dashboards, the information is generated without any constraints. Eventually, we would like to deploy them to all sites and activities.

Denis Benevise | Head of Method, Process & Innovation of FM Logistic in Russia


FM Logistics is an international company, established in different countries with heterogeneous working methods and activities. However, it needs real-time information for each activity. Denis Benevise therefore decided to search for a solution that would allow this collection and automatic updating of data, adapting to all specificities.

“We decided to start with our site in Russia because until today, we had dedicated teams to collect this data. All day, they collected and manually updated the various indicators. It was clearly a waste of time! We then wanted to release these teams from reporting. We also wanted each user to be able to generate their own dashboards, which was previously not possible. But in order for that to be possible, we needed a very simple and intuitive tool.”


The company faces several challenges: firstly, to allow employees to consult and analyse dashboards in a very simple way, regardless of their digital maturity or their language. The company is looking for a very ergonomic tool so that the teams can take charge of it very quickly, without having to ask too much for IT. Most importantly, it needs reliable information, updated every 15 minutes, while freeing teams from this time-consuming task. Finally, it needs to make these dashboards visible, thanks to screens arranged in the workshop or accessible from any support (computers, tablets, smartphones).

“I have studied the market and have not found at first sight a tool capable of meeting all our objectives. I discovered Pingflow thanks to word of mouth and I immediately thought it could work! So we decided to deploy Pingview in our Russian logistics site”, says Denis Benevise.


FM Logistics has launched a POC with about fifteen digital visual management screens arranged in our site. We then configured the Pingview solution in co-construction with our teams and with Pingflow to best meet the expectations of our employees.

To gain autonomy quickly, the company decided to train our Russian teams so that they become “super-users” and that they can in turn train the employees of the next equipped sites.

“Our goal being to offload IT from this topic, we have worked a lot with shopfloor teams. IT is for database generation, but users generate their own dashboards in a very simple way”, adds Denis Benevise.


The results were very quickly visible: we achieved our set objectives! We have freed up the resources allocated to updating dashboards, creating dashboards is more flexible and we have access to reliable and updated information.”

The Russian teams have appropriated the tool, are very committed in the creation of their dashboards and do not ask for IT any more than before.

“We now want to push the other entities of the group to deploy visual management within the different logistics sites. These very positive results should help us!”, concludes Denis Benevise.