Andon/Yo-I-Don system for production line timing

To achieve its performance objectives and give a strong signal to its STX client, Altor Industrie has retained Pingflow for the design and implementation of an Andon/yo-i-don system for the timing and reactive monitoring of assembly lines.

Translated by “Attention”, “Ready”, “Go”, the Yo-D-Don is a visual system that will allow to synchronize workstations. In this system, each workstation in the same value chain has a button. At the end of each operation, the operator validates his task by pressing a button. His Andon then goes green, indicating that he can perform a new operation.


  • Lock an assembly line consisting of 12 workstations without conveyor
  • Reducing production costs
  • Reactivity in case of problem


  • Implementation of the system at the start of the new line
  • Establishment of a new organisation based on compliance with the indicators (rate and periods)
  • Setting up a new organisation that is responsive to problems encountered by the operator
  • Managed production computing in SaaS


  • PingView Saas for real-time line KPIs display
  • PingApp Saas for Andon and Advance/Delay
  • Andon connected objects: call box and radio light column on each workstation
  • Large monitors with sounds for visual and sounds control of the line


  • Gain on the rates
  • Very good image of the company given to its client STX (Operational Excellence)
  • Reactive controL