Digitization of SQCD collaborative boards


Until recently, all information was transmitted orally or through a paper display in a dedicated space, which we call the communication space. This method was quite constraining in terms of updating, we clearly lacked reactivity. Moreover, it didn’t make sharing spaces very attractive. So we had no guarantee that the information would be consulted by the teams.

Today, this is part of the behavior. Users have taken it upon themselves to consult the screens for information. They are increasingly asking for more data, which is very encouraging. I know that in meetings, the spirit of collaboration has really evolved, it’s a real support. The enthusiasm is strong, and this makes management more efficient, clearer and more participatory.

– Stéphanie Anger,  Digital Project Research Manager and Digital Communication Space Manager


Acome decided to deploy visual management screens for three reasons:

  • Digitize information flows to start a zero-paper approach,
  • Communicate information in real time both upwards and downwards to facilitate understanding and access to information,

Connect screens with MES tools to escalate production data with updated information.


  • Support the organization on the digital transition with a driving project manager
  • Design ergonomic, dynamic and pleasant interfaces for operations
  • Convince CIO of a SaaS solution


  • Pingview solution used to display collaborative wallboards
  • Creation of a touch-sensitive “template” model with project managers to simplify the extension of wallboards but keeping a personalization by team
  • Connection to PDF & Excel files on the Acome computer network automatically
  • Training project managers in-house on Pingview to become self-sufficient


  • After a successful Proof of Concept on a board, the extension is realized on the other workshop cells
  • Employee buy-in for use and consultation reflexes
  • Improved team collaboration and dynamics during briefs with participatory management

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“Il y a peu encore, toutes les informations étaient transmises de façon orale ou par un affichage papier dans un espace dédié, que nous appelons l’espace communication.”