Real-time manufacturing process monitoring

Zodiac - Manufacturing process monitoring

World leader in equipment and aeronautical systems installed aboard commercial aircraft, regional and business as well as helicopters, the Zodiac Aerospace Group is also a major player in aviation security and remote transmission.

Goal Zodiac


Following the implementation of lean thinking, Zodiac Aerospace wanted to improve its performance with a willingness to implement lean manufacturing process.
Projects related to digital visual management focuses on monitoring and control of lines of Zodiac Seats division.

Challenge Zodiac


This new lean organization with a production timing involves:

  • Global visibility on production time and takt time taking account of the vagaries
  • Management of alerts in operator station
  • Measurement and traceability of alerts and stops online
Solution Zodiac


  • Display monitors takt time and call operators in post
  • Monitoring and analysis of stops
  • Management of lead / lag

Result Zodiac


  • A simplified visibility of advanced operational workflow
  • A productivity gain
  • A continuous improvement of the system according to the adaptations of the organization