Digital andon system

digital andon system - class kubota

CLAAS is a German manufacturer of agricultural equipment, having acquired the French manufacturer Renault Agriculture.
It is leader in sales of forage and is the manufacturer of the Jaguar forage harvester it presents on its website as the most sold in the world. CLAAS is also a leading producer of combine harvesters, including Lexion. The scores of production plants are located in France, Germany, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Russia, USA and India.

Japanese manufacturer Kubota is No. 1 in Europe with its compact excavators, its compact tractors and engines, Kubota Corporation has recently attacked the farm tractor sector with the launch of its new series M. Located in the area Bierendyck in Bierne (59), the new plant dedicated to tractors building was inaugurated in September 2015.

Goals Class


The Andon system has become obsolete with a calling system by ropes and billboard with lamps without connection to automation, the Mans Class factory decided to get a digital new-age Andon system.
The objective was to connect this system to process and men to increase responsiveness to incidents and improve production performance.

Goal Kubota


As part of the construction of a new tractor manufacturing plant in northern France in Bierne, KUBOTA choose PingFlow for clocking the assembly line.

Solutions Class


Digital and connected andon system consists of:

  • Web display solution broadcasting on 14 large screens in the workshop with a possible consultation from any enterprise workstation
  • System of information feedback automation, ERP and radio call boxes
  • SMS alert system

Current solutions also allow us to use the alert by calling voice system VaaS (Voice as a Service) and codify alerts.

Solution Kubota


The system is connected to automation of the line and can control the light columns placed along the line and the two Andon tables (monitors 65" placed head to tail in the middle of the line).
Digital andon system improves real-time visibility and operators responsiveness for operational excellence.

Realt time performance indicators are available in the manufactories and offices through the Web display solution PingView.

Challenge Class


The challenges of this project focused on:

  • The visibility on the production rate, causes downtime and service calls
  • Replacing rope call systems by independant radio remote controls without batteries
  • The connection of the digital andon system with automation and the existing ERP (SAP)
  • Automating the geographical and technical identification of stops
  • The edition of reporting

Challenge Kubota


The challenges of this project focused on:

  • Collaborative work with Japanese, French (client), and Korean (the production line provider) teams
  • The satisfaction of a demanding Japanese customer for andon
  • The scalability of the system according to the ramp-up (1 year)

Results Class


  • Satisfaction and operational working comfort with excellent visibility on activity lines
  • Productivity gains of about 6% by this system which is important for a line with 300 operators - ROI in less than six months
  • Animation methods and improving services by continuously analyzing data

Result Kubota


  • Satisfaction and operational working comfort with excellent visibility on activity lines
  • Prductivity gains of about 6% by this system which is important for a row with 300 operators - ROI in less than six months
  • Animation methods services and improving by continuously analyzing data

Quote Class


"The display of the chain stops and Andon alerts our production monitors, has enabled us to be more responsive and considerably reduce the stopping time of the assembly line. This action, along with others, have together generated a gain of 6% on performance. "

Progress Manager of Class Tractor