Lean manufacturing process to smart factory


Class & Kubota - Digital andon system

Class & Kubota

Digital andon system

Renault - Andon call box


Andon call box

The new era of Industry 4.0 facilitates the vision and execution of a digital enterprise and "Smart Factory". Efficiency and productivity remain priorities for  lean manufacturing process in supply chain whether in the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing.
Diffusion of the right information to the right public and at the right time becomes a necessity. Real management tool for operators, digital signage improves productivity and responsiveness by the vision of indicators and information in real time.

Main challenges

  • Facilitate current activity monitoring with better clarity, visibility and alerts on workflow
  • integration into the existing information system (ERP, WMS, database, etc.)
  • Simple user interface for ease of use in daily operations
  • adapt at digital tools in agile & lean organization

Optimized flow management for improved excellence


  • Monitoring units and in-progress : OF, state, work in progress, planning
  • KPIs and alerting for real-time Business Activity Monitoring
  • Andon & alerting system with embedded electronic
  • Workflow management : in progress/delayed operations
  • On-time supply management in manufacturing
  • Digital visual management & Obeya on interactive boards


  • Compliance with lead time and delivery time
  • Operational team performance improvement
  • Better understanding and analysis on workflow
  • Reduction of disrupt flows during assembly
  • Increased team and inter-service communication


Success cases in supply chain

Dynamic displays in the production site allow better reaction, proactively monitor abuses, improve productivity, provide an overview and synopsis to strategic areas, and become a source of motivation for the operational teams.