Facilitate internal and business communication
with a collaborative display of indicators

Collaborative display of indicators - Happychic

Created in 2009, HAPPYCHIC is a French fashion multichannel company.
Leader in men’s fashion in France, HAPPYCHIC brings together 3 brands: BIZZBEE, BRICE, JULES.

Objectives Happychic


In order to better develop communication at headquarters by involving employees, HappyChic wants a collaborative display of indicators and visual management «userfriendly» allowing the trades to be autonomous in the realization and the update of their display.
The project is to communicate more effectively at headquarters and warehouse level with employees.

Challenges Happychic


Since the stores were already equipped with dynamic display solutions for many years, Happychic’s challenge was to find a solution adapted to the internal communication allowing to disseminate business and statistical information of the activity of the company:

  • By avoiding tailored developments that involve a certain limit of use and dependence of the IT service
  • By avoiding traditional dynamic display solutions more media-oriented than data
Solutions Happychic


Although the ISD initially addressed the need, the needs mainly concern a vision of the company’s activity and not just the IT activities: collaborative display of indicators at Group level Happychic and its brands each having its own communication, rather customer oriented.

Happychic also uses the new PingPaaS application to retrieve data stored on the LAN to make it accessible to the SaaS PingView solution.
PingPass enables Happychic IT to provide an easy and secure response to provide in a matter of hours business data access without using heavy infrastructure (VPN type).

Resultat Happychic


As the PingView interface is very close to standard office tools, the employees’ membership is simplified and will allow each team to display its own business indicators without sharing it with the entire company.
The short-term evolution focuses on team management to respond to more local transparency needs: DAF, CRM and why not IT if they want to communicate on a large scale their everyday activities.

Simple integration with the SI makes it possible to recover the existing data of the information system as well as shared files like Excel.

Quote Happychic


" PingView is an easy-to-use solution that integrates easily with our IS and allows us to retrieve data from our operational systems. This is extremely convenient every day. In terms of design, we manage to make interfaces really nice and pleasant. The quality and proximity of the team that accompanies us is also a very favorable element. "
Alban Vanduynslaeger, IT Project Manager at Happychic