Modern digital signage for corporate


In order to avoid outdated information, modern digital signage solutions deliver connected display, right on the source of information.
It becomes easy to manage a display network with up-to-date company news, events, social network, traffic & weather forecast, synthetic indicators update, and specific messages to your collaborators.

Make sure all your employees are informed about the latest news, the cafeteria menu, events and activities by disseminating videos, TV channels, RSS feeds, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) on screens available within the company.

Digital signage for transparent internal communication


  • New-age bulletin board, human resources board
  • Obeya wall
  • Informations to  visitors
  • Social Wall, animations and events
  • Calendar and schedules


  •  Transparency of information throughout the organization
  • Modern and digital communication
  • Automatic update of information - no needs to manually update data!
  • Simple broadcast management - manage your display network easily on the web

Success cases in internal communication

Let people know about your product offerings, services and business policy to your staff, visitors and customers at various locations through digital signage. Share your animations and even events organized by the company!

Choose a single screen or group of screens to broadcast your presentations, and plan for a given period or so recurrence.

You want to communicate effectively within your company?