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Andon remotes

For Andon call, andon remote controls are used to trigger calls (request for assistance or logistics). It is a simple and economical solution compared to wired solutions. Associated with a border router, they can be deployed in production facilities or logistics platforms.

télécommandes andon


Light columns

The light column is a very important visual electronic element to locate a call point or a state. The selection criteria for a Andon system are high brightness and a drive by computer connection (data bus or wireless connection). Our proposal: LU7 the USB signal tower or 24 Volts that can be easily set to display different colors and combination to show a multitude of applications of visual information in a way that is intuitive and easy to understand.



The PingCards communicate on a radio frequency 868MHz via Ethernet frames. Through an antenna and a border router, they can transmit information there between with a range of between 150 and 250 meters. Various applications can retrieve data from these cards to operate on specific applications : andon remotes, call boxes parts, etc.


PingCards Mini & XL-systeme-alertes

Mini PingCard

The PingCard Mini (size 45mm x 90mm) is powered by 2 AA batteries (lifetime>1year) and has 4 inputs.
This card is for example, used in the andon remote control for workstation call or every alerting.

PingCard XL

The PingCard XL (size 85mm x 140mm) is supplied with 24 V, has 8 inputs and 8 outputs of 24 V / 200 mA, and 2 serials ports. Bright columns, bar code reader, LEDs, buttons, etc. can be connected to these cards in suitable housings. This kind of system allows for example remote to bring specific parts and send information to truck drivers or monitor performance indicators machine.


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