Identification of manufacturing performance

Toyota - Manufacturing performance

Japanese leader in the automotive, Toyota launched the principles of lean manufacturing. Supported by two pillars of lean, the "Continuous Improvement" and "Respect for People," the Toyota Way defines Toyota's vision as a company, as well as the values it transmits by the company to its customers, shareholders, team members, business partners and community.



The objective of the visual management system set up at Toyota identifies in real-time non-performance on manufacturing lines from PLCs defects and analyze the causes of non-performance to resolve them through continuous improvement actions.


To allow identification of non performance of alerts and defects in Toyota, it is necessary to :

  • Log and trace faults in our system
  • Apply our diagnostic algorithms and identification of lost production
  • Generate statistics for the analysis reports


An analysis interface allow to present the performance per curves of production and Paretos.


This visibility and analysis of incidents on production lines allow a proper diagnosis of non-performance and act on the real causes of the problems with continuous improvement groups.

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