Specific integration for a turnkey system


Digital visual management

Information system


Our expertise in supply chain organization in automative and aerospace industries helped us to adapt and implement digital visual management solutions in various industries and businesses : supply chain, CIO, internal communication, HR, CSR, etc.


Engineering & IoT Electronics

Our expertise in process and flow engineering allowed us to develop algorithms for identifying and handling alerts, measuring production & performance indicators, and synchronous flows management. Our expertise in digital visual management covers the selection and distribution of pre-configured digital and electronic devices by our engineers.


IT integration

Our techincal team is able to configure and integrate PingFlow with your existing systems together with your internal service.
We remain available to cooperate with you on a long-term view.


Project stages

Our projects are composed of different stages for a specific, customed and plug&play.

  1. ANALYSIS : Organizational consulting
  2. ENGINEERING : Functional analysis and project engineering
  3. PROTOTYPE : Pilot test/Proof of concept
  4. MAINTENANCE : Maintenance and system upgrade