Driving organization with digital visual management

Several reasons to implement PingFlow and digital visual management system in your organization

Bring clarity to data

PingFlow simplify information access to your coworkers by displaying the metrics, performance indicators, and internal information in a comprehensible way for better efficiency and organization transparency.

Une proposition de valeur pour divers métiers

Business activity monitoring

Broadcasts of KPIs and information in various business units: manufacturing, IT, human ressources, sales, etc.

Une proposition de valeur évolutive

Scalable and configurable 

Simple solution for you to be independent and improve continuously your displays in agile mode.

Le visuel, outil du lean

a "lean" tool

Digital visual management increases visibility on hazards and warnings by promoting problem solving where they happen.

Diffusion of information throughout the organization

PingFlow diffuse real-time activity and data streams to communicate your key information. The indicators displayed on screens located within your company in live are a source of motivation for your coworkers and improve organization transparency.

Une proposition de valeur multi-sites

and multi-area

Exchange of information and selection of real-time broadcast in all departments, sites, areas, regardless of location.

Une proposition de valeur multi-supports


Web platform accessible on all digital and interactive devices from a web browser

Une proposition de valeur multi-utilisateurs


Easy usage and update for coworkers without in-depth IT knowledge.

In compliance with IT management

Our expertise in digital visual management integrations in industry and supply chain allows an implementation of the system from a simple stand-alone solution to a whole project, both in SMEs and large business. Our integrations consider the measures and compliance rules established by your IT governance while providing a simple solution to deploy in your organization.

Une plateforme web

Web platform 

Simple to install and maintain, easy to configure and operate. Whether installed on your own infrastructure, or hosted on our cloud.

Sécurité des informations

Secured system

Encryption of information exchange and no data retention.

Facilité de déploiement

Ready for wide-scale deployment

High performance, scalable archtecture designed for mass use.