Digital signage solution for visual management

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PingView is a digital signage solution focuses on bringing together the most important data streams intovisual ouput.
PingView is your operations storyteller.


Simple design

Create powerful display in a matter of minutes with a simple interface composed of various widgets. Interactive control elements are defined directly on the widgets.


Data made easy

Easily combine multiple datasources and perform cross-database queries on the fly and animate your board with dynamic conditions on widgets.


Power of digital

You are free and unlimited to access your data from anywhere with any digital device. You can also planify the point of diffusion for targeted message.


Data made accessible, smart, and simple to understand

PingView: a digital signage solution

Our standard connectors to any database or webservice (ERP, CRM, WMS, Sharepoint, Google, Twitter, etc.) allow you to show the largest variety of content with automatic update.

Data can be ajusted with treatments: sorting, mathematical formulas, aggregation, filter, etc... For smart and  dynamic display, you can add animated conditions on widgets (flickering, change color...)
Unlock real-time KPIs, social media, news feeds, local weather conditions, and much more on any display.


An intuitive drag&drop interface to design display

On your web interface, PingView gives you complete freedom to design your dashboard with a large collection of widgets (graph, text, video, picture, table, etc.) to drag and drop.
Set your screen orientation, animation rules, and interactive actions for touch screens right on the dashboard, and our software will transform the display interface to fit correctly.

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Manage, schedule, diffuse your wallboards with no limit!

Diffuser les écrans de PingView

One powerful software to manage your display network on the web. You can monitor and control over all your displays from any computer with the right access. Schedule dashboard diffusion for recurrent or ponctual display and set how long each dashboard plays. Secure and encrypted channels are used between your data and PingView with data retention.

PingView is used in various fields of monitoring , management through internal communication.

PingView adaptée à différents secteurs d'activités