Applications of digital visual management in various businesses

To see is to know - Regardless of industry or organization type, a challenge for businesses is "show me what's going on so I can manage it".
When things are measured, tracked and displayed, it improves.


PingFlow offers a view at a glance for better performances with gains ranging up to 30% of productivity and simple identification alerts results in better reactivity.

Team/Project Manager

PingView offers the clarity, visibility, and alerts needed to empower  collaborators with the most relevant and filtered information instead of spending hours in an office on reporting tasks.

Communication Manager

Motivate and keep your teammates up-to-date by displaying PingView live dashboard about the lastest events, industry insights, and company news by connecting your blog feed or your social networks !


The new era of Industry 4.0 facilitates the vision and execution of a digital enterprise and "Smart Factory". No matter the size, PingView easily connects to any digital device on a web browser. PingView respond to CIO's department needs or other business department with a slight infrastructure to deploy in SaaS or On-Premise.